ECREA Workshop

On Thursday October 3, 2013, YECREA organizes a workshop aimed at young scholars in the research field of interpersonal communication and social interaction: “Successful Networking for an Academic Career: The Importance of Interpersonal Communication”. The workshop aims at discussing the essentials of building a strong network for young scholars that want to pursue an academic career. The workshop takes the form of a round table discussion in which young scholars share their ideas with, and ask questions to, other scholars at different stages of their career.


Topics that will be discussed include: Networking strategies and skills, networking when looking for a job, interpersonal versus online networking, networking to establish international collaborations, the importance of your network when applying for grants and funding, and many more!



Prof. Judith Hall (Northeastern University)

Prof. Annegret Hannawa (University of Lugano)

Prof. Owen Hargie (University of Ulster)

Prof. Regina Jucks (University of M√ľnster)

Prof. Peter J. Schulz (University of Lugano)



Rebecca Amati (ICH, University of Lugano)

Anne-Linda Camerini (ICH, University of Lugano)

Nanon Labrie (ICH, University of Lugano)

Marta Zampa (IALS, University of Lugano)

Claudia Zanini (University of Lucerne)


Do you have a question about the workshop? Please contact the YECREA-ICSI representative Nanon Labrie (