Judith A. Hall

Judith A. Hall is a University Distinguished Professor at the Northeastern University, Boston, Department of Psychology. She is a social psychologist with strong interests in group and individual differences. She teaches social psychology, non-verbal communication, and meta-analysis. Her research interests concern non-verbal communication, particularly: measurement of accurate interpersonal perception; the relation of the broad dominance construct (including status, power, etc.) to nonverbal skill and nonverbal communication.


Title of the talk: "Accurate Interpersonal Perception: what I have learned so far"



Regina Jucks

Regina Jucks is a full professor at the University of Münster, Germany, Department of Psychology in Education. She received her Ph.D. in Psychology in 2001 and her Habilitation in 2005. Communication and interaction processes between lecturers and students at university as well as underlying cognitive processes of knowledge communication are a central part of her ongoing research.


Title of the talk: "Multiple demands: Managing social and instructional aspects in online communication"